I have experience lecturing, leading classes, and giving supervisions in philosophy at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

(1) Lecturing

– Equality of Opportunity. Undergraduate, 2018, University of Cambridge.

(2) Class  and small group teaching

Democratic Public Discourse: Ideal and Non-Ideal Approaches. Postgraduate (Master’s), scheduled for 2020, University of Oxford.

– Research Methods Seminar in Political Theory. Postgraduate (PhD), 2019, University of Oxford.

– Introduction to Ethics and Political Philosophy.  Undergraduate, 2018, University of Cambridge.

– Intermediate Political Philosophy. Undergraduate, 2017, University of Cambridge.

– Politics, Philosophy, Economics. Undergraduate, 2014, University of Oxford.

(3) Supervisions

– Theory of Politics. Postgraduate (Master’s), 2018, University of Oxford.

– Introduction to Ethics and Political Philosophy. Undergraduate, 2017, University of Cambridge.

– Intermediate Political Philosophy. Undergraduate, 2016, University of Cambridge.